Thursday, March 29, 2012

Simple Window AC Unit for a Great Price

Frigidaire FRA126CT1 12-000 Btu Window Air Conditioner W / Temp Remote

  • 12-000 BTU cooling capacity with variable speed fan
  • Cools room sizes up to 640 sq. ft.
  • 8-way air direction control
  • Clean air ionizer; Anti-bacterial mesh filter type- tilt-out filter access
  • Electronic controls with temperature sensing remote

Frigidaire's FRA126CT1 12,000 BTU Compact Window Air Conditioner with Temperature Remote, is perfect for medium to large size rooms up to 640 square feet. It also has electronic controls with a temperature sensing remote giving you the choice of controlling the temperature with the remote or at the unit. The clean air ionizer and antimicrobial filter reduces bacteria, room odors, and other airborne particles for a comfortable environment. With Energy Star efficiency, this unit provides savings along with cool, quiet comfort.

What Others are Saying:

"I needed to replace a 10 year old 12,000 BTU Kenmore AC and thoroughly researched my options before zeroing in on this Frigidaire. The clincher was the unique remote control -- it has a key feature that no other AC's have, including other Frigidaires.

Thermostat & Automatic Climate Control Built Into The Remote

Let's be clear -- most modern AC's come with a remote that turns the temperature up or down, but that's NOT all this Frigidaire's remote does. It actually controls the climate via it's own thermostat and direct communication with the AC itself. The remote also has a digital readout that displays the actual room temperature at the remote itself. This is significant, because most AC's have a thermostat in the AC housing. But this Frigidaire has a thermostat built right into the remote control, which means the AC will cycle on and off based on the temperature at the remote, instead of at the AC unit. I hated how my old Kenmore would click off the compressor because the thermostat thought the room was cool enough, yet where I was sitting, was still hot and muggy. Now, with this new Frigidaire, the compressor keeps running based on the temperature on the remote's digital readout. Every few minutes the remote sends a signal to the AC unit, telling it what the temperature is; and the compressor adjusts, based on that readout, keeping the room a constant, consistent temperature. This feature alone sets this AC apart, head and shoulders above the rest. And after just a few days of using it, there's no way I'd ever want an AC without this feature from here on."

"I have this a/c installed in my dining room. It is the central room of a larger living area with an open floor plan that includes kitchen, living room, office, and an indoor front porch. It keeps the entire first floor of my house comfortable! We set it on 73 degrees and forget it."

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Great Budget AC Unit


1.5 ton (18,000 btu/h) wall mounted ductless split air conditioner with heating capacity using heat pump technology. 13 SEER efficiency with 7.7 HSPF factor. ETL safety and performance certified. Manufactured to meet U.S. national standards and codes for easy and safe installation and with no hassle for inspection and permit from DOE. Elegant, compact, ultra-quite fan coil with Hi-tech computer control features. Ergonomic LCD screen remote control with fully control features. Compact, super-quite horizontal blow condensing unit with epoxy powder coated, high gauge, strong, durable body. Freezing point lowest working ambient temperature .

  • Super quiet Operation,
  • 13 seer energy efficient
  • Soft and Individual Dehumidifying Operation
  • 3 Fan Speeds for Selection, Multifunction Infrared Remote control
What Others Are Saying:

"this was purchased as a heater/air condition for a garage apartment. we have been extremely pleased with it. when the temperatures dropped to the mid 20s our apartment stayed nice and warm with the thermostat set to 71.
I highly recommend this unit. "

Powerful Split AC Unit

12000 1 Ton Btu Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Unit Ac System Heat Pump with Installation Kit
Amvent Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning Systems are equipped with highly advanced features and variety of functions for comfort and durability.

High Efficiency (SEER 13.5), Toshiba Compressor, System Pre-charged with DuPont SUVA R410A Refrigerant, Quick-Install System, Pre-Wired for Installation Ease, Full Function Digital Remote Controller with back light, Smart LED Display (can be turned off), Super Quiet/Sleep Mode, Digital Self Diagnostic Process, Microprocessor Controlled, Dual Particle Air Filters, Full Installation Kit (15 ft Line Set Included), Modern Glass Flat Panel Design Indoor Unit, Auto Defrost Function, Air Circulation Function, Automatic Climate Control Setting, Dual Louvers, Swinging/Oscillating Louvers Setting, Super Quiet/Sleep Mode, Digital Timer (Auto On/Off), Auto-Restart, Anti-Corrosion Paint and Coating

1 Year + 5 Years on Compressor DIMENSIONS: INDOOR UNIT 43.25"x12.25"x8.25" OUTDOOR UNIT 29.75"x21.25"x10.25" QUICK-INSTALL SYSTEM - All AmVent ductless mini split systems are equipped with the new QUICK-INSTALL system. This system makes the installation of the AmVent units extremely easy.

What others are saying:
"It arrived in three packages - the outside unit, the inside unit, and the hoses. For me the hardest part about installing the outside unit was that I had to put in an outside disconnect box for power, and all the conduit and fittings that required, and a dedicated 15 amp circuit. It took a couple of days and about four trips back to the hardware store to get it right. It easily just sits on a couple of 12"x12" pavers from Home Depot - you could use cinder blocks - just something under the feet."

"I bought this air conditioner for a 350 SQ FT office, it did very good job cooling it down, it is quiet.

Installation was easy, the included instructions were very brief and hard to understand (that is why it lost a star). I found a couple of videos on youtube that made the installation very easy.

Today was the first time to use the heat pump, no complains. "

"Great Product! Quick ship. Very quiet unit inside and out. My weather has been relatively cool, thus a real test will come with the heat. My only complaint is the manual and instructions. They are somewhat less than precise, however tech support is great via phone. I am not very handy or experienced and I got it done. "